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5 tips for better Product Photography

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I hope you're all keeping well and safe.

I take photographs extensively with both my phone as well as my DSLR. Over the years, the line between the things you can achieve from Mobile Photography as opposed to DSLR photography has become so narrow, which means you can take equally awesome pics with your mobile phone !

The photos you take can make all the difference especially if you are an aspiring photographer or a business. With the help of the below 5 golden tips, you can help boost your product photography and create content that will help you stand out with amazing images that reflect your unique style and ethos with your mobile phone!


1) Be mindful of LIGHTING - Use natural lighting to your benefit and shoot near a window or natural light source to immediately add quality to your shoot.

There are two options for product photography lighting: studio lighting & natural lighting. The purpose of your product photography along with the platform at which you wish share can help you decide the setup you should go for.

Natural lighting can work really well for natural looking photos that you might wish to share on your social media feed. Studio lighting on the other hand is essential if you are using your product to advertise on product pages.

Apply the lighting tips I've shared on our Introductory workshop to take your photography game to the next level! (New free workshop date added, check below for info)


2) Look for inspirations! - Following products similar to yours and seeking inspirations from the many other shoots that are out there can help inspire you for better angles, ideas and more.

You can build a gallery of inspirations that you can look through before a shoot or during the shoot to help you further. Instagram, Pinterest and other similar platforms are great for inspirations!


3) Multiple shots from various angles - Don't stop at your desired angle, always try take photos from the below angles for each picture so you will have a wider range of pictures to choose from.

  • Eye-Level: Shows the product exactly the way we see it in reality.

  • High Angle: Shows the product from above, as if you're looking down at it from an angle.

  • Low Angle: Shows the product from below, as if you're looking up at the product.

  • Bird’s Eye: Shows the product directly from above, as if you're standing over the product.

  • Slanted: Shows the product from one side, as if you’re looking side-on at the product


4) Use a tripod - Whether you are using a DSLR or your Mobile Phone, find a tripod to suit your photography device as it will help with enhancing clarity and reducing blur.

Pro Tip: Use a wireless remote to avoid further blur/shakes.


5) Rule of Thirds - Keep rule of thirds in mind for better composition

  • Mentally divide your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines.

  • Position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet.


I am also excited to share that I have launched a brand new module for Product Photography! If you are interested in product photography as a small business owner or hobby, this module covers EVERYTHING you need to know from product lighting and composition to colour theory, overlay photography, creating social media marketing, introduction to product photo editing and more!

August 22nd (this Saturday), 11AM - 12.30 PM UK Time/ 3.30 - 5.00 PM Indian Time

12th September 2020 (limited spaces)

11AM - 1PM UK time /

3.30PM - 5.30PM Indian Time

Early bookings before 4th September:

GBP £25/ INR 2450


Stay safe and keep spreading happiness,

Nathalia :)

Co-founder - Omart Creations

Instagram: nathalia_syam

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