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Omart Photography Workshops & Masterclasses

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

I initially started taking photographs as a hobby (around 10 years ago) and would capture everything from flowers and nature to portraits of friends and family. After completing film school, I started taking on clients for travel photography (mainly for travel companies) along with my film directing career. Every time I spoke to like-minded individuals about photography, I felt there was a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it came to the basic principles of photography. I researched on the internet to get a better understanding and realised there was TOO MUCH information out there!

This is when I decided to spend many months to design the perfect module that is tailored to get straight to the point so you can learn what is necessary rather than spending a lot of time, often overwhelming yourselves with unnecessary information. I launched my Photography Academy in 2015 and ever since have taught hundreds of like minded individuals like yourselves the art of mastering photography.

I believe we can all take professional-looking photographs with our mobile phones. The photos you take can make all the difference especially if you are an aspiring photographer or a business. With the help of our modules, you can be your own photographer and create content that will help you stand out with amazing images that reflect your unique style and ethos. I like to keep things simple and use real life examples to explain the modules in the easiest way possible.


If you haven't yet, why not take part in one of my Free Mobile Photography Workshops where you can learn tons of techniques to help make your photos look professional instantly.

Workshop modules:



Product Photography

Portrait Photography

Landscape Photography.

You can sign up for my sessions in this link:

If you have already taken part in my workshop, you can check the same link for my new masterclass dates. Be sure to book early to take advantage of the early bird discounts!

Masterclass modules:

Camera settings explained

Advanced lighting

Advanced composition

Colour theory

Creating a theme/story (for social media)

Editing using Lightroom

My Masterclasses are known for its unique approach to learning through interactive sessions where I am able to take a personalised style in helping you achieve your photography goals. Held in small groups, my participants especially enjoy the screen share element that I have on to demo editing via Lightroom.


About me: I am a London based Film Director and Travel Photographer who works closely with the British and Indian Film Industries. I've had my British Short-films screened at various prestigious International Festivals including BAFTA qualifying festivals. As a Travel Photographer, I've travelled to over 30 countries and continue to specialise in Travel Landscapes and Environmental Portraits. Having taught over 750 participants in between Europe, Asia and the Middle East; I enjoy my unique approach that makes photography a fun and enjoyable skill for everyone.


Looking forward to meeting you,

Nathalia :)

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